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   Sbobet - Italy as Lower Betting Preference against Uruguay

Italy seems to fall slightly from favor in soccer betting for next World Cup match against Uruguay, but it is not always the norm with Italy’s playing style.

Italian team lovers may need to lower their expectations a little bit when it comes to World Cup soccer betting for the team’s next match against Uruguay. While Italy has quite good overall performance in international events, the team has not been quite consistent in winning in several of their latest games. However, while Uruguay team favor seems to be better than Italy, the team can still face quite a fight.

Soccer Sbobet Betting Guide for Italy VS Uruguay

Italy may have beaten Uruguay in their last head-to-head matches, but there was just 1 win, 2 loses and 2 draw results. Meanwhile, Uruguay seemed to be in better favor judging from their last matches against England. However, the bettors must also put the characteristic of Italian team in international field, which can change quite drastically during such big event like World Cup.

Thanks to the big pressure to win in this next game, Italy will be likely to show their signature playing style; Italian team has been known to play in quite aggressive and particularly good ways when they are faced with such big event matches. This can be quite a surprise for Uruguay, and this is good reason to consider Italy for your next soccer betting Sbobet against Uruguay.



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